The Small Batch Way

Like many who travel through Europe, I fell in love with espresso. Coming back years ago from a trip through France, I bought a Nespresso* machine thinking I’d take the espresso experience home with me. It was close, but something was missing—that authentic, artisanal quality of European coffee.

My mission with Small Batch Espresso is to bring you the best European espresso for your Nespresso* Original machine. I’ve partnered with Caffè Hardy, a third generation, family-owned roaster in Milan, Italy, and Cap’Mundo, Paris, whose acclaimed coffee roastery has been in operation since 1880.

From deep and “roasty” espresso to fruitier, bright notes of specialty, single origin coffee, we’ve got you covered at Small Batch. We offer full variety packs of each, so explore! Give them a try. Your happiness is guaranteed, so if you don’t find a new favorite, we’ll give you your money back.

~ Brandon, Founder