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Good value average performance

Like the taste, but some don’t perform as well as others. Some leak out water then coffee comes out.
Still a good value

Love it!!

I absolutely love this variety pack! Really great for company and love trying them all out!

This company is my favorite!!!!

Always fresh and consistent - when I sip their espresso it feels like I’ve escaped to a better place! Seriously!

Wonderful coffee

Thank you for my prize! I love your coffee.

Best espresso ever!

I love my old Nespresso machine, but Small Batch Espresso really ups the game. Delicious strong taste. Addictive varieties. I will be buying Small Batch from now on!

Good stuff

Fits my nespresso original. Pods are plastic and not recyclable. Aluminum pod cover secure.


I’m loving the flavor and price of my Espresso!

The Best

The Best coffee with consciousness


This coffee is great! Cap Munro is truly artisanal!!!

Fine Decaff

A very fine decaff blend. My go-to decaff.

Great product across the range

I really enjoy the breadth across the 5 varieties. From Peru, which is delicate and best for straight espresso, to the intensity of Universo, which holds up well for a latte or capuccino, they all deliver. Very fast order fulfillment. It's great to support a small roaster rather than the giants like Nestle or Lavazza.

Great Espresso

Not only is the espresso fantastic but the customer service is great as well! We have the espresso twice a day at minimum and enjoy it each time. We will be customers for life!

Excellent organic coffee for our Nespresso! Received our order quickly! Will continue to buy!

We love these flavors.

They're all good and at an affordable price.

Excellent Ballanced Blend

This (the Milano blend) is an excellent, balanced, blended espresso, of medium intensity. There is a good blend of complexity and subtlity to this coffee. It is easilly as good as -- and generally at least a bit better then -- the most similar Nespresso capsules. I am on my third order, and have no compalints. It is a bit less expensive than the main-line Nespresso belnds, with no reduction in coffee quality or taste.

Cap'Mundo Paris Organic has great flavor

Cap'Mundo Paris Organic has body and depth that makes it a good substitute for the Nespresso® Capsules. The only problem is several capsules failed to dispense the coffee... which more than offsets the price difference. I have been in contact with Brandon at Small Batch and he is working the problem.

Best espresso

I love my Nespresso Espresso pod machine but was challenged with the Environmental impact of pods. Then I found Small Batch Cap Mundo. They are compostable and make an excellent espresso.

Love it

Love them! Had a hard time getting a few of them to open in the machine, but overall I LOVE THEM and feel so much better about using something compostable

11/10 A+++ c o f f e e would c o f f again

there is more of a lingering drip than with standard Nespresso pods

Very good organic coffee

Very good organic coffee! I can't find organic coffee at Nespresso store and the price is reasonable for an excellent quality.

I run each cup twice and it's a great cup!

Good, pretty good. Yes. they work in my nespressso machine, now to find some biodegradable pkg for all of these K Cup type products. I can actually run each cup twice and it's a great cup !