Cap'Mundo, Paris ~ for Nespresso® Original
Cap'Mundo, Paris ~ for Nespresso® Original
Cap'Mundo, Paris ~ for Nespresso® Original
Cap'Mundo, Paris ~ Haute Couture

Cap'Mundo, Paris ~ for Nespresso® Original

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French Artisanal Coffee 

  • BEGIN WITH THE BEST - Every Cap'Mundo capsule starts with the highest quality green coffee beans. We only buy beans from the most recent harvest because of their superior flavor. We pay 2-3 times more per kilogram for our raw coffee than the average French roaster, which ensures that we receive the very best. We work with the same farmers year after year to maintain our consistency and quality. A cup of coffee is no better than its raw ingredient, and ours is the best.

  • ARTISAN SLOW ROASTING - Each Cap'Mundo blend is perfected by our second generation Parisian roast master. He slow roasts each blend for 15 minutes or more, whereas typical coffee is roasted for 5 minutes. This gives Cap'Mundo its full, complex flavor, which is simply impossible to achieve using quicker, industrial roasting techniques. Cap'Mundo is truly artisanal.

  • CAPSULE TECHNOLOGY, PERFECTED - We’ve been perfecting our capsule technology since 2009, and the industry has taken note. Coffee roasters from around Europe license our capsule design to perfectly deliver their coffee. Our innovative capsule is hermetically sealed to keep our coffee fresh and free from oxidization, and the “haute couture” design allows us to display the coffee strength and variety on each capsule so you always know what you’re drinking.

  • COMPATIBILITY - Cap'Mundo capsules are NOT compatible with VertuoLine machines. They will work with Nespresso Original Line machines (i.e. Essenza, CitiZ, Prodigio, U, Inissia, and Pixie).

About the Cap'Mundo Complete Varieties

The Cap'Mundo story begins in Paris with its founder, Olivier Brivois, wondering why he couldn't use his favorite boutique coffees in his home Nespresso machine. He set out to invent the best compatible capsule on the market, filled with the Parisian coffee that he loved. Today, Cap'Mundo is France's premier, artisanal coffee brand for Nespresso. It's one of the only compatibles sold in high-end European retailers such as Harrod’s, and there’s a reason why. We invite you to discover Cap'Mundo’s rich, artisanal coffees for yourself.


Zebrano (100% Arabica | Intensity: 3 of 5)
Based on a selection of coffees grown on high African plateaus, this exclusive creation combines softness and balance. A fresh finish with lingering aromatic notes of chocolate and citrus.
Copaiba (Organic | 100% Arabica | Intensity: 3 of 5)
Grown according to organic farming principles in the heart of the Andes Cordillera, this recipe is a perfect balance with aromas of cedar, cherry and raspberry.
Umbila (Lungo | 100% Arabica | Intensity: 3 of 5)
This recipe brings together two majors regions in South and Central America. A blend of softness and character, this is a real treat for the palate with savory notes of hazelnut, toasted bread and fresh fruit.
Ebene (Intensity: 5 of 5)
A blend of African origins enhanced with a hint of Asian robusta. This sophisticated and smooth recipe has been developed especially for ristretto lovers. The aromatic richness of this original composition encompasses notes of cedar, coriander, ginger and black pepper.

Dark Ebene (Intensity: 6 of 5)
Dark Ebéne displays the stylish character of its sister blend, Ebéne. This blend was created for those seeking to experience intensely potent flavor, full-bodied strength and a deep concentration of aromatic richness.
Dabema (Decaffeinated | 100% Arabica | Intensity: 2 of 5)
Grown in a naturally shaded location on the volcanic soils of Central America, this Arabica is decaffeinated using a solvent-free process. This original recipe will appeal with its subtlety, elegance and enchanting notes of honey, dried fruits and chocolate.

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The Best

The Best coffee with consciousness


This coffee is great! Cap Munro is truly artisanal!!!

Fine Decaff

A very fine decaff blend. My go-to decaff.


The best coffee ever

We love these flavors.

They're all good and at an affordable price.